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A2 Creative Inc.

A2 Creative, Inc, founded in 1999 as a full service commercial production boutique offering Pre and Post Video Production, 3D Animation, Motion Graphics design, DVD creative development/ authoring and DVD/CD duplication services.

A2 is staffed by a short list of committed Creative professionals working together for decades in the making.

The philosophy of A2 Creative is simple and straightforward: 

“We strive to quickly and efficiently produce a product that conveys the clients’ vision in such a way as to exceed their expectations through creativity and a modern sense of style and design.” 

In short we give the client the extraordinary.

  Ideas and suggestions are golden so share them freely. Life is short so let’s enjoy what we do today, do it well and be proud of our accomplishments after were finished.


We look forward to working with you.



Virtual/Hybrid Event Production:Single or multi-camera Mixed productions streamed live via Facebook Live or YouTube. And or recorded for archive and future playback presentation.

Large format event productions – live streaming services featuring:

-1, 2 or 3 Camera setups….live switched – live streamed

-Custom Pre-designed or pre-existing graphics packages/lower thirds/logo treatments.

-Pre-produced Running footage fly-ins

-Full Graphics support and/or PowerPoint conversion for live airing.

1 or 2 camera – Live streaming service featuring: Lectures seminars on camera updates and messages –

-Teleprompter for scripted coverage, announcements and small format seminars.

-Full lighting packages.                              -Portable Green screens

AVID, Final Cut, Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve — This is the core competency of A2 Creative. We can accommodate many Pre and Post Production needs.

In house camera packages, Portable LED Lighting packages, 12 foot motorized Jib Arm, Stedi-cam, Live Switched systems, Portable Green Screen

Advanced visual effects using Adobe AfterEffects – A2 Creative uses Industry standard tools to enhance video programs or to complete whole segments. We can utilize existing brochures, printed materials, 3D animation assets, and video footage to create free form graphic treatments and give any video production that artistic flair we have all come to expect.

We create character animations, Architectural walkthroughs, pre-visualization of any construction project live show setups, free form art, logo animations or fully animated television commercials.

A2 can design custom cartoon characters that walk and talk. Create whole worlds from moving flat art, fully animated commercials or animatics. And when cartoon characters are mixed with 3D animated backgrounds the results can be magical.

A2 Creative designs DVD and Blu Ray Menu Page art, Print Graphics, Brochures, Logos and support for Website artwork for projects spanning from local business or corporate graphics projects to Hollywood Motion Picture and Television projects.

Jingles, Radio Production, Soundtrack music, Multi-track recording, Mastering, Live sound recording and a full complement of sound effects libraries and pre-produced music. We offer digital and analog audio solutions for any situation, with a full array of the latest tools available. Pro-Tools, Digital Performer, Spark XL Mastering software and vintage keyboards physical and virtual. Our creative group of musicians and singers can create whatever sound or style needed, and always within your particular budgeting needs.

A2 offers industry standard DVD authoring and design. We create and design custom interfaces and motion menus for National and Regional movie release materials, promotional DVD’s for Television and Film. Multiple camera programs w chapter settings, Extras sections and more.

A2 Creative designs custom logo treatments to order for print, Interactive, Online presence.  Utilizing our Motion Graphics capability we can also make your custom logo come alive with custom reveals.

A2 Creative Designs and creates custom posters and promotional materials for Theatrical & Movie events.

A2 Creative working in conjunction with partners in local Staging services, Lighting and Live Audio Systems can design setup and run your next event. From large outdoor covered staging rigs, Complete with full audio and lighting support, AV and Video Projection systems and more. To smaller corporate meetings lighting audio and Projection systems.
Team that together with our video production and post production services, the result is a one stop fully featured production service.

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